February MVP Preorders

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Greetings GYROnauts!

MVP HQ has been a hive of activity recently, and thanks to those efforts, this newsletter has it all! Starting off with our Nomad releases this month, Michael Ramanauskas created a striking image of James Conrad for the eco-conscious R2 Neutron Nomad SE. The Nomad is also being released as a stock item in our R2 Neutron and Plasma plastics. Another SE is dropping as well! Ryan Advent sends us to space and triangulates the basket with his Neutron Orbital SE. Has anyone noticed the Eclipse Proxy is experiencing quite the glow up recently? Well, with this release, you’ll now be able to get them as a stock item!

The Holiday Mystery Boxes were quite a hit, and we loved the reaction to them so much that we are dropping another mystery box — the Mostly Electron Mystery Box! With 10 (mostly) Electron Lab Seconds, including a special Prototype Eclipse Electron Envy, this is the perfect mystery box for the winter season. Speaking of glow, we are proud to announce the launch of Firefly Glow Tape from Hive! Lastly, we have restocked hats and a huge list of other restocked items too. As we’re fond of saying, there’s truly something for everyone here!

Pre-Order Notice: ALL items in this release are being made available for PRE-ORDER, and will begin shipping in late January thru the first few weeks of February.

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