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  • Lone Star Discs Bravo Harpoon
    Lone Star Discs Bravo Harpoon
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      Lone Star Discs Bravo Harpoon

      $10.77 $17.95

      The Harpoon is an extremely consistent, versatile, and reliable midrange. Whatever task is at hand, the Harpoon can handle it. Apply power and it will hold whatever line you put it on. Throw with “touch,” and it will fade slightly. Perfect for approach shots –on or off the tee! Forehand, backhand, or overhand–the Harpoon is ready!. 

      Flight Numbers: 4 | 3 | 0 | 2

      Alpha – Smooth, beautiful, durable, firm, and tough. Alpha blend won't complain about punishing shots or elements.

      Bravo – Many shared characteristics as the Alpha blend, except Bravo offers more flexibility.

      Victor 1 – Grippy and flexible feel, preferred by many players. Ideal in wet conditions. 

      Victor 2 – Same Grippy nature as Victor 1 but without the flexibility. Victor 2 is very firm.