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MVP Eclipse Resistor
MVP Eclipse Resistor
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    MVP Eclipse Resistor


    Alright, we have everything we need for this seance. Let’s join hands. Spirit who haunts this house, we come in peace. Tell us what you need to leave and if we’re all getting A’s this semester - cut that out Bobby, this is serious. Wait, did anyone else hear that? I think, oh no, what’s that glow?! Let’s get out of here! Mike Inscho brings to life an appropriately spooky SE for Halloween this year — the Eclipse Resistor Halloween SE! Depicting a trapped spirit, accidentally summoned and caught by a group of kids, resisting its cage with all its might! Resist any anhyzer angle (or spirits) with the Eclipse Resistor, a truly awesome overstable fairway now available in the best glow plastic on the market!

    The MVP Resistor is the perfect overstable fairway driver for people with slower arm speed, while also being great for advanced players. Its stability profile and GYRO® technology combine to provide a fairway driver that has a controllable speed while resisting turn and providing a strong reliable fade. 

    Flight Numbers: 6.5 | 4 | 0 | 3.5